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MAHOGANY WOOD is the most of main material for our manufacturing process. Besides that, there is also TEAK WOOD for both outdoor and indoor furniture, and SUNGKAI WOOD which is very often used to make furniture similar to white oak’s looks. We sourced these raw material locally from the log-shaped of wood, then trough the sawmill machine the selected and sorted lumber cuts into boards.

In addition to the local woods, PT. SKB also using imported wood to produce the furniture. WHITE OAK, both American and European Oak is available. BEECH WOOD, and WALNUT.

PT. SKB only do purchase of legal wood accordance to SVLK standard or FLEGT ( Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade )

All the raw materials used, which are already in the boards-shaped, are always treated with anti-fungal treatment. Treatment is done by immersion of fresh cut wood board for 5 minutes to 10 minutes at appropriate doses of Microcide. At this stage, it is very important to prevent the growth of fungus and other microbial decomposition that usually attack wood log or wooden board fresh cut, and to protect the wood for storage periods both before and after drying.

Air Drying wood upon 3 months, depending on the species of wood and also the weather conditions in Indonesia, followed by the Kiln-Dried process to a humidity temperature of 8-10 degrees, is a part of important stage to prepare the wood is ready for production.

Wood Material ready to produce are normally at 10-12 degrees moisture that comes after Kiln-Dried and component Process For some cases, “after-cut to size wood” or “wood component” also re-dried into oven to 6 degrees of Moisture, to rewards more stable wood, and develop any inevitable twists and bows it might have.


We providing LOCAL FABRIC and IMPORTED FABRIC in various types for covering the seat of chairs and sofas. Beside, our customer also can arrange their own fabrics purchase and send directly to PT. SKB trough freight (COM). Our location in Bonded Zone Area is a good benefit for free import tax and duties. And it is also possible for PT. SKB to arrange the purchase of import fabrics directly including synthetic leather from aboard Genuine Leather are also available from Indonesian supplies.